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Puakea Designs Splash Guard

Puakea Designs Splash Guard

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A Splash Guard for your Puakea Designs OC1.

You asked, we answered. This splash guard is here to help keep your canoe dry when surfing. When mounted correctly this splash guard will divert water off the deck and back out rather than coming over the footwell cover and into the canoe. This will be great for windy conditions, surfing and downwinders.

Compatible with the following Puakea Designs OC1s - The Volare, Kahele and Kahe Kai. One size fits most Puakea models. We cannot guarantee this splash guard will fit other canoe makes/models.

Length: 13"
Width (at widest part): 8 1/8"
Height (at tallest part): 1 1/2"
Weight: 5 ounces
3M VHV adhesive tape backing.
Bungee in center of splash guard for added storage on footwell cover.
Do not strap canoe down to racks over splash guard! These are strong with some flex and curve but are not designed for blunt force.

Please allow up to 5 business days (Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm PST) for order fulfillment.
We ship most of our orders via USPS priority mail.
Need more info on orders? check out our info page:

LOCAL PICKUP OPTION (Orange County only): Please use the code "OCLOCAL" at checkout to indicate you would like to pick up your order in the Orange County area. You will be contacted directly to arrange pickup location.

Instructions // Please read!

1. Must wash boat well with soap and water and let fully dry before installing splash guard. Splash guard will not stick for long if boat is not very cleaned prior to install.
2. Install splash guard as close to the paddler as possible on the footwell cover. Do not install the splash guard so far back that any part of it hangs off the footwell cover. Installing the splash guard too far forward creates a braking, especially in the surf. Do not install on canoe, this product is designed to be installed to the footwell cover.
3. You will want the splash guard to be centered on your canoe when installed so measure the centerline of the footwell cover and mark with a piece of tape.
4. When installing make sure you are ready. Once you set the splash guard down, it will stick. The adhesive backing is very sticky and does not allow you to reposition.

1. Take razor blade and slice through the thickness of the foam adhesive tape backing.
2. Use a citrus cleaner to remove the adhesive and residue on both the splash guard and the footwell cover.
3. You can purchase more of the 3M VHV adhesive foam tape so you can install the splash guard when you are ready to use again.

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